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Bisinella supports CFA Lara’s fundraising effort for vital tanker

Published: 29/07/2020

Bisinella Developments’ Managing Director Lino Bisinella has donated $25,000 towards the purchase of a new tanker for the Lara CFA.

“During the recent national bushfire emergency, Lara CFA volunteer fire fighters were on the front line in NSW and Victoria continuously for over two months,” said Lara CFA Brigade Captain, Roger Buckle.

Extensive analysis of the fire risk in the rapidly developing Lara CFA area, determined that an additional vehicle was required to assist in protecting Lara and surrounding communities.

“The ideal vehicle is an Ultra-Light Tanker of approved CFA design. It’s manoeuvrable, able to access areas that are not accessible to the larger tankers and only requires a crew of two, ensuring rapid response.”

Lara CFA Fire Brigade volunteers have started fundraising for an Ultra-Light Tanker, expected to cost $148,500.

The Lara District Community Bank kicked off the appeal with a grant of $20,000 to the cause and will match every $3 raised in the community with a further $1, up to $30,000.

Chemring Australia have also contributed $25,000. Other donations to date amount to around $3,500.

Lara CFA is calling for support from the local community to raise the remaining funds.

Captain Buckle said “given the uncertainty generated by the COVD 19 pandemic, we can understand the difficulty that the general public may have in donating”.

“However, we are confident that with ongoing publicity and the support of local media outlets, we will be able to reach our target.”

Two other Lara CFA vehicles funded through community donations and a Government grant, have been used recently to help communities in need.

A Forward Control Vehicle (FCV) was recently used to help with COVID 19 testing in Sunshine West, while the Lara Tanker 2 was based at Mallacoota at the height of the bushfire emergency in January.