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Clarendon Park Estate construction likely to be delayed as Bisinella Developments waits for Council to finalise agreement

Published: 27/04/2020

Construction of Clarendon Park Estate in Drysdale was due to commence this week with completion expected November 2020. 

However, works cannot commence on the residential development site until the City of Greater Geelong Council finalises an agreement as part of the subdivision permit.  

Clarendon Park Estate is a 35-lot residential estate Bisinella Developments has planned for the Bellarine Peninsula. 

On 4 April 2019, the Council issued Bisinella with a permit for the subdivision of Clarendon Park Estate. Under the requirement of the permit the developer must enter into a Section 173 with Council, a common administrative tool used by councils to ensure the delivery of infrastructure.  

“We provided a draft Section 173 agreement to the Council’s legal representative December 2019, more than four months ago,” Bisinella Director Richard Bisinella said. 

“Since then, our lawyers and our team have been chasing Council and its legal team to seek approval for this agreement. Despite dozens of enquiries, the matter still remains unresolved.” 

As feedback on the Section 173 has yet to be provided by the Council it may unfortunately result in a delay in the start and ultimately the completion of the estate. The estate was expected to be completed November with lots titled December, if work started this week. 

“We are very perplexed as to why this simple administrative task is taking so long to be approved and find Council’s action a contradiction against the efforts being made by Federal, State and businesses to maintain employment,” Mr Bisinella said.  

“We have raised the matter with senior management and requested the matter be investigated. We are doing everything we can to bring the matter to a swift resolution,” Mr Bisinella said. 

Due to be constructed by Wellam Constructions, Clarendon Park Estate is an exciting project planned for Drysdale.  

The local construction firm has worked on Bisinella projects for the past 30 years. Bisinella has exclusively used Wellam Constructions on all of their estates for the past 20 years. 

More than 95 per cent of the total workforce used to construct the estate would be local. As well as Wellam this would include landscaping contractor Ausscapes and CardnoTGM who manage Bisinella’s civil engineering, surveying and town planning. 

Mr Bisinella said the construction of the estate would help maintain employment in the region.  

When complete, Clarendon Park Estate will offer residents the luxury of having the beautiful Bellarine Peninsula at their doorstep, while only being a 20-minute drive to the Geelong CBD.  

The estate’s location will also provide residents with the opportunity to enjoy a relaxed lifestyle away from the city but with all of the facilities they may need at their fingertips.