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High-speed automatic doors supporting local wine company’s storage needs

Published: 16/12/2021

High-speed folding doors installed at Bisinella’s Industrial Estate, will support local beverage manufacturing company Idyll Wine Co with their storage solutions. 

 Remax Doors recently installed two, bespoke Movifold doors – 7m wide and 6m high - at the company’s storage facilities in Lara, which they lease from Bisinella. 

 Based in Geelong, Idyll Wine Co is one of the biggest wine companies in Australia. The business offers product development, production, packaging and logistics services to customers worldwide.  They also brew and manufacture cider, ginger beer and ready-to-drink products.  

 The Movifold high speed folding doors provide automated access into site and are designed for extreme strength and durability with high wind resistance.  

 The doors will ensure minimal temperature fluctuations throughout the year, which is vital when storing wine and spirits. 

 Michael Birthisel, Executive Director of Idyll Wine Co, said the company had also installed two Remax doors on their staging warehouse at their Moorabool winery and had been thrilled with their reliability and performance.

 “Installation of Remax high speed doors aid in keeping dust and pests out and our warehouse environment clean and tidy,” he said.

 “Idyll and Bisinella share a common trait of taking pride in the appearance of our facilities. We have utilised this warehouse for three years as our national distribution centre and it will continue to be our logistics hub for years to come.

 “Idyll Wine Co is an innovator and reliable supplier of beverage products to our many clients locally and internationally. We take pride in all that we do and value the relationship we have with both Remax Doors and Bisinella.”

 Remax Doors Sales Manager Nick Guerra, said “large doorways required a unique and quick acting rapid door made bespoke to the existing openings”. 

 “Roller shutters are a slow and high maintenance doorway which means they are often opened at the start of the day and then closed at the end of the day.” 

 “Remax’s Movifold doors open quickly when needed and close automatically after a delivery vehicle/forklift has passed through. This also reduces the chance of birds, dust and wind from entering the site.”