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July Construction Update

Published: 21/07/2022

Construction overview

Physical construction works
There are a number of steps involved in the physical construction of the site ready for you to build on, these include:

o   Site preparation - where the ground is cleared and the existing levels are cut or filled to the finished lot levels

o   Installation of services – including sewer, water, power and gas are excavated and installed

o   Road and pavement preparation - areas for road construction are excavated, prepared and installed together with kerb, asphalt, laybacks and pavement

Once all of the above are complete, council will inspect and provide Practical Completion to certify works are completed per the permit. 

Certification of works
Following council’s Practical Completion inspection the relevant authorities, such as Barwon Water and Powercor conduct their own audit process of the physical infrastructure. This audit process can typically take 4 to 8 weeks.
Once all audits have been passed and the council’s engineering department has signed off on the stage, Statement of Compliance is issued. 

Issue of titles
Upon issue of Statement of Compliance, the stage is lodged with the Land Titles Office for individual lot titles to be issued. This process normally takes 1 to2 weeks.

Once individual lot titles are issued you are ready to settle your lot and start building your home. 

Lara Lakes update

Stage 1, and 2

Stage 1 and 2 are due for Council inspection early next week, with only minor asphalt and hydroseeding works still to be undertaken.

All works on the Sewer Rising Main in the area of stage 1 and 2 have been completed. 

The certification process is also progressing with audit packages being finalised and inspection dates imminent (once the Council inspection is completed).

While we hope our attempts to fast track the lodgement and audits of the certification process shorten the estimated timeframes, the process can still take between 4-8 weeks.

This may now extend our title expectations into early September.

We are sorry for these potential additional delays, our whole team is working constantly to shorten any timeframes where possible, and your understanding is appreciated. 

Stage 3A

Council inspection to provide practical completion of the construction works is expected early August, which hopefully keeps the certification process on track for titles expectation late September.

As works finalise and audits are booked in we will provide further updates.

Revised title estimates:

   Stage 1 – Early September 2022
   Stage 2 – Early September 2022
   Stage 3A – Late September 2022
   Stage 4A – April 2023
   Stage 4B – April 2023
   Stage 3B – March 2023
   Stage 5 – June 2023

Wattle Grove Estate

We are delighted to let all purchases know that Stage 3 titled at the start of this week, and we appreciate everyone’s patience on the delays experienced on delivery of this stage.

Stage 4

All construction works within stage 4 have been completed, with only hydroseeding and line marking to be completed before Councils inspection due early next week.

The certification process has already started with packages submitted to Barwon Water and pre audit inspections booked with power providers.

With all certification processes underway, our expectation is for Statement of Compliance late August and titles shortly after. 

Revised title estimates:

  Stage 4 – Late August 2022
  Stage 5 – October 2022 

Seaside Estate

Works in Stage 8 commenced in mid July, with initial earthworks well underway.

The construction process is anticipated to take approximately 30 weeks, with our current expectation of being practical completion of works by the end of February.

This then allows sufficient time for the certification and title process to be completed before our title expectation of May 2023 

Revised title estimates:
  Stage 8 – May 2023