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March 2023 - Construction Update

Published: 08/03/2023

Lara Lakes

Construction of the boardwalk and playground facility are well underway, with both structures already having been installed.
Our landscaping team are currently working on groundcover planting within the basin reserve and preparing the paths linking the sidewalks and the new infrastructure.
Over the coming weeks, further planting and grass cover will be installed allowing the space to take shape.

Works within O’Halloran’s Road fronting our property have also now been completed, with the final section of footpath and street trees to be installed later this month.

Stage 3B
Construction works are due to be completed this week with a Council inspection booked for early next week.
All authority audits are scheduled to follow shortly after.
Our expectation of April titles is still current.

Stage 4
While conditions have improved on site from late last year, our construction program is still trying to catch up on lost time.
All sewer and stormwater works have been completed, with road excavation and sub grade improvements currently being prepared for streets to be constructed.
Our construction program is now expected to be completed in mid-June, with authority audits and the title process to take between 4-8 weeks.
Our revised title expectation is now July/August

Stage 5 & 6
While we have seen some delays in the construction program of these stages, we currently anticipate our title dates to remain unchanged.

Stage 7
Works in stage 7 have not yet commenced. All plans are approved and construction is due to commence from 1 April 2023.

Title Estimates
Stage 3B – April 2023
Stage 4 – July/August 2023
Stage 5 – August 2023
Stage 6 – December 2023
Stage 7 – April 2024

Seaside Estate
Title expectations remain unchanged, with construction works due to be completed by the end of the month.

Title Estimates:
Stage 8 – May 2023