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Solar switch for Bisinella Community Centre

Published: 21/03/2022

A 15.3kW solar system installed on Bisinella’s Community Centre will dramatically reduce energy costs and have a positive impact on the environment.

Local solar company, Go Solar Go Green, has installed a 15.3kW solar system on the roof of the community centre in Lara.

The Bisinella Community Centre opened in 2010 in Bisinella’s national award-winning, Grand Lakes Estate. The centre provides Lara residents in the area with modern and convenient facilities for accessing a range of community activities.

The new solar system will save thousands of dollars in electricity and avoid 21 tonnes of Co2 emissions each year.

Over the life of the system, it is estimated to save carbon emissions equivalent to planting 4013 trees or avoiding 447 long haul flights. Bisinella also has a solar system on the roof of its head office in Lara.

Bisinella is offering a $1000 solar rebate to buyers who purchase a lot in relevant Bisinella estates and install solar panels within three months of construction completion.