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Titles issued on Lara Lakes Estate – Stages 1

Published: 05/10/2022

Bisinella is pleased to announce titles have been issued for stage one of Lara Lakes Estate, stage two titles also expected any day.

Bisinella Director Richard Bisinella said “We are excited construction of the first stage of Lara Lakes has been completed and titled, so landowners can now start building their homes.”

“The construction of the first stages in the Lara Lakes Estate have experienced unprecedented delays which I have never experienced in my 25 years.”

“The majority of unprecedented delays have been as a result of obtaining approvals from the City of Greater Geelong last year, which impacted the commencement of the development works. The delays were resolved with our team escalating the matters to Senior Management, CEO and Councillors. Unfortunately, although the matters were resolved with Council which we welcome it did ultimately delay the works.”

 “Other delays included ongoing supply chain issues, which development companies around the country are experiencing. There can sometimes be considerable delays in obtaining pipes, materials and labour. It is testament to the Wellam team that delays for Lara Lakes Estate have been minimised where possible”.

“Recently we met with Senior Management at Council to articulate the impacts of these delays and the concerns raised by you, the land owners.  On a positive note Council is looking to implement a number of new changes to the way it works, in particular having all City staff move into a consolidated office enabling better collaboration between departments within the organisation.  This is very exciting and we congratulate the Council on this move.”

We are currently in the process of removing the temporary fence on O’Hallorans and Windermere Roads to allow access to the lots, we hope this should be completed this week.

A $1,000 Bisinella solar panel rebate is available to buyers of land in Lara Lakes who install solar panels within three months of completing the construction of their home (conditions apply).

When completed, Lara Lakes Estate will feature 6.7ha of open space, including wetlands, extensive walking trails and two playgrounds. Land will also be set aside for a future primary school and community centre.

Land in Stage 6 of Lara Lakes Estate is now for sale.

For more details about Lara Lakes Estate or the Bisinella solar rebate email us at