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Bisinella Developments donate $20,000 to Give Where You Live Foundation

Published: 24/07/2023

Bisinella Developments has donated $20,000 to Give Where You Live Foundation helping people in Geelong who experience hardship, through a variety of programs and initiatives to remove barriers, create opportunities and change lives.

For over 70 years the Give Where You Live Foundation has worked to assist people experiencing crisis, promote food security and improve education and employment opportunities across the Geelong community.

The foundation is the driving force for social change and exists to create a fairer Geelong where all people and places thrive

Their work involves the delivery of programs such as Feed Geelong, GROW (G21 Region Opportunities for Work) and Community Choice (a Direct Assistance Voucher program) as well as a range of grants working to deliver programs within the core focus areas of education, employment and supporting people through a life crisis.

Over the past decade, the foundation has raised more than $30 million for the Geelong community.

Last year, the organisation invested almost $2.8 million into the Geelong community.

Give Where You Live CEO Bill Mithen said the annual Grants Program continues to be a core part of our work and last year provided more than 1.6 million of funding to 43 community organisations in the Geelong region.

“These grants support people during a time of crisis to access food and housing, help people impacted by family violence as well as create fairer education and employment opportunities across our community,” Bill said.

“Supporting the community and creating change now, rather than building capital for the future is central to everything we do,” Bill said.

Bisinella Developments has proudly supported Give Where You Live since 2015 – it may be longer but this as far back as our financial records go

Bisinella Developments Director Richard Bisinella said he was delighted to be a gold sponsor of The Give Where You Live Foundation which plays a crucial role in improving the lives of those most vulnerable in the Geelong community.

“We are pleased to support Give Where You Live Foundation so people can receive the support they need to help them thrive within the community,” Richard said.

Bill said he is incredibly proud of for the long-standing relationship and grateful for their generous support, in particular Lino and Richard Bisinella.

“The relationship with Give Where You Live Foundation and Bisinella has spanned over a decade and without their generous support the Foundation could not continue to fund the community programs who rely on us.

“Bisinella has been and continues to be impressive changemakers within the Geelong region, we wouldn’t be here today without their strong support.”

For more details about Give Where You Live or to donate, visit