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Bisinella’s scholarship recipients graduate from Committee for Geelong Activate leadership program

Published: 06/11/2019

For the third year in a row Bisinella Developments has provided emerging community leaders the opportunity to develop their leadership skills, by sponsoring places in the Committee for Geelong’s (CfG) Activate leadership program.

Bisinella sponsored four places in an eight-week Activate program which finished in September. They have also sponsored a further four scholarships in CfG’s second Activate program for 2019, which started on October 10.

The scholarships are available to residents from Lara and the northern suburbs of Geelong.  

One of the region’s largest land developers, Bisinella has provided 16scholarships for community members since 2017.

Launched inGeelong in 2016, Activate supports emerging leaders in exploring the foundations of leadership. It also assists them in gaining confidence, knowledge, skills and strategies to lift their leadership capacity for personal, professional and community benefit. 

Bisinella scholarship recipient Rosie Bright said Activate appealed to her because she wanted an opportunity to develop her leadership skills for future projects.

Ms Bright is planning a pilot program in Whittington aimed at supporting disadvantaged people, harnessing wasted food and creating local connections. 

“I really enjoyed the program and feel that I have learned a lot about myself and the Geelong community through the process,” she said.

Activate “changes your mindset and develops and hones your leadership skills, at the same time providing a strong support network. It leaves you ready to take on new challenges with a stronger sense of self confidence.”

Bisinella Director, Richard Bisinella congratulated the four scholarship recipients on graduating from the program.

Activate is a terrific program supporting Geelong’s future leaders. We are proud to be able to support residents from Lara and the northern suburbs of Geelong and are confident the skills they learn will be of great benefit to them on their individual journeys.” 

Committee for Geelong’s Leadership Coordinator Janelle Meyes said “the diversity created through the Bisinella scholarships opportunities provides invaluable insights and allows voices to be heard that may not otherwise have the opportunity”.

For more information about the Activate program and the Bisinella scholarships contact Janelle Meyes, Leadership Portfolio Manager, Committee for Geelong, or telephone 5227 8073.