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Bisinella continues to invest strongly in industrial property

Published: 19/12/2018

Bisinella’s industrial development division is set to power ahead in 2019.

With titles issued in November 2018 for stages 2 and 3 of the Bisinella Industrial Estate, construction of up to five new factories and warehouses will proceed from early in the new year.

Landscaping works along Technology Place and the nine lot frontages are scheduled to begin in January.

Development Manager Richard Bisinella is excited to have such a strong pipeline of new projects.

“Our family business has always been driven by a desire to make things happen and provide jobs in our local community,” Mr Bisinella said.

“So we’re absolutely delighted that the projects ready to start in 2019 will bring dozens of construction jobs and an estimated 70 ongoing jobs to our estate.”

The 40-hectare Bisinella Industrial Estate is located on the corner of Bacchus Marsh Road and Heales Road, Corio, in the heart of the Geelong Region Employment Precinct (the GREP).

The four largest lots in the estate (approximately 5 hectares each) were titled in November 2017. One of these lots was sold to Civilmart and a new concrete products plant is now operational. Two of the lots are reserved for potential projects, leaving just one still available.

Stages 2 and 3 offer eight lots of approximately one hectare and one lot of 4.504 hectares.

The surge in construction of new projects in 2019 follows a period of significant investment in upgrading the company’s existing industrial property portfolio. 

There are 15 Bisinella-constructed warehouses and factories with a total area of 115,000 square metres in Lara, Corio, North Shore and North Geelong. Nine of these facilities, totalling more than 100,000 square metres, are still owned, leased and managed by the company.

Recent investments have included:
• More than $700,000 to renovate the 9,000 square metre warehouse at 295 Forest Road, Lara. This facility has now been leased.
• More than $1.5 million in capital improvements, including major drainage works, at the Impact Fertilisers complex in Heales Road, Corio.
• More than $700,000 to upgrade all facilities with high quality LED lighting.
Bisinella is also negotiating to purchase land for future expansion by one of our long term tenants.