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Bisinella Developments: 59 years of passion, growth and community commitment

Published: 26/06/2023

National award-winning family-run business, Bisinella Developments holds a 59-year history of successful residential and industrial development in the Geelong region.

The story of Bisinella is one of passion, growth, and unwavering commitment to both the community and the development industry.

The story begins in 1953 when a nine-year old Lino Bisinella arrived in Australia from Italy with his parents and quickly displayed his go-getting attitude. Starting his career as a plasterer, Lino quickly established his own business in Geelong by the age of 19. A mere decade later, his rapidly expanding operations saw him employ 45 workers at his plasterboard factory in Corio.

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, Lino successfully developed industrial properties. This accomplishment paved the way for further expansion into residential developments, with the first estate sale occurring in 1994.  

In that same year of 1994, L Bisinella Plasterers was sold and the business focused on residential developments while continuing industrial developments.

A family run business

Over the past 59 years, Bisinella Developments has experienced remarkable growth and success.

In 2015, Bisinella’s Grand Lakes Estate was judged the best residential estate and won the award for environmental excellence at the Urban Development Institute of Australia’s (UDIA’s) Victorian awards.

The following year, Grand Lakes Estate received UDIA’s national award for environmental excellence. This notable achievement solidified Grand Lake’s Estate’s commitment to sustainable practices.

The success continued in 2022 when Bisinella Developments’ picturesque waterfront development, Baywater Estate, won the Residential Development award at UDIA’s Victoria Awards for Excellence.

Giving back to the community

Since establishing Bisinella, Lino has always believed in giving back to the community.

Managing Director Richard Bisinella says this remains a cornerstone of the company’s business philosophy, adding Bisinella currently supports over 20 organisations and clubs in the greater Geelong region.

“For a long time, we’ve valued and really believed in the importance of sport at grassroots and community levels,” he adds.

“We continue to play a role where we proactively help more people, in particular children, to get involved in the community and sporting clubs.”

Pirra Homestead, also referred to as “Lara’s elegant old lady”, is a heritage building more than 150 years old. Nestled in Lara and managed by Bisinella Developments, this historic gem exudes timeless elegance and charm.

The heritage building has a rich and colourful past and has undergone a major restoration and renovation project which was completed by Bisinella Developments.

Bisinella Developments has also played a key role in preserving Lara’s past and renovated the Lara Museum and Historical Centre, which has become a community hub for visitors to learn about the cultural heritage.

Looking ahead, the company is excited about hitting their 60-year milestone anniversary and continues to work on their latest and most exclusive development, Charlotte Rise, which is in the picturesque location of Highton.

The 10 lot sub-division offers lot sizes ranging from approximately 570m2 to 845m2

The company is eagerly anticipating the completion of the housing within the 520-lot Lara Lakes Estate.

Meanwhile, Seaside Estate in St Leonards is quickly taking shape, as residents have already moved into their forever homes and settling in nicely.

The progress in both developments is a testament to the commitment of Bisinella Developments in developing thriving communities.