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Bisinella Developments’ announces three-year renewal of Lara United FC sponsorship

Published: 17/02/2020

Bisinella Developments’ three-year sponsorship renewal of Lara United Football Club will assist with the delivery of junior programs, help keep fees affordable for players and support the improvement of infrastructure. 

Bisinella has supported the local Lara soccer club since 2017. 

Lara United FC Treasurer Judy Hill said the Bisinella sponsorship was “extremely significant to our community club and in fact essential for us to run”. 

“We aim to keep our fees as affordable as we can for our players and families and sponsorship money is an avenue that allows us to do so,” she said. 

“Knowing that we have the support of Bisinella for a further three years enables us to commence programs that we know we can afford to continue and/or to improve our club’s infrastructure which benefits both our members and the local soccer community as a whole.” 

The Bisinella sponsorship will assist the club in a number of areas. This includes keeping fees affordable for players, improving programs for the juniors, helping to remunerate junior coaches in some way and being able to improve recognition of their volunteers.  It also assists with additional funds for infrastructure and programs. 

“We are currently considering fencing and/or scholarships for local students,” Judy said. 

Lara United FC President Aaron Pettman said Bisinella's sponsorship was an extremely significant one. As well as allowing the club to maintain low fees and adding to infrastructure, he said it allowed the club to establish programs to help improve skill levels among players. 

“On top of that it offers a partnership and relationship with a tremendous organisation that supports its community fantastically.” 

“Knowing we have the ongoing support of the Bisinella family gives us great confidence that we are doing the right thing by our members and heading in the right direction.” 

Meanwhile, Judy said as their major sponsor Bisinella’s support has been vital from the beginning of the relationship. 

A full re-brand of the club’s uniforms was part of the initial sponsorship deal with Bisinella and something Judy said they would not have been able to afford otherwise. 

“Equipment is needed each year and their support has allowed us to update this as required.” 

In 2019, the club had 276 players across 21 teams. This included four senior teams, six junior teams, 10 miniroos teams and one All Abilities team. Similar numbers are expected for the 2020 season which kicks off after Easter. 

“We had around 600 members once family members of junior players are included.  We traditionally have a strong female participation rate and last season we had over 100 miniroos for the first time.” 

 “Sport is such a great way to bring the community together. All local sporting clubs are run largely by volunteers and support from Bisinella improves what we can offer the community and takes some financial stress away which is so appreciated. The number of community groups that Bisinella supports is quite jaw dropping and we feel very proud to be one of them.” 

“Bisinella is based in Lara and is a family-run business with a strong connection to our local community, said Bisinella Director Richard Bisinella. 

“We are proud to sponsor Lara United FC and many other sporting and community organisations in our region.”