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Empowering Geelong’s Leaders: Bisinella backs Activate program for emerging talent

Published: 14/09/2023

Bisinella congratulates the Committee for Geelong in running the 2023 Activate Leadership Program, which runs for eight weeks from 9 August to 4 October.

Launched in 2016, the program is dedicated to identifying and nurturing emerging leaders within the Geelong region, empowering them with the skills and knowledge necessary to contribute effectively to their community and lead positive change.

The program’s focus extends to individuals from diverse backgrounds, including those in business, government, non-for-profit organisations and community groups.

Bisinella Developments takes great pride in being a long-standing Corporate Plus Member of the Committee of Geelong for the past 10 years.

Throughout this decade of partnership, Bisinella has played an integral role in the Committee’s strategic board, working diligently to create a thriving, inclusive, and world-class environment for the residents of Geelong.

Committee for Geelong CEO Michael Johnston said with a particular focus on emerging leaders from Geelong’s northern suburbs, Bisinella’s support has made a positive impact on not only the young people in the program, but the communities these emerging leaders will give back to.

 “Successful applicants gain the chance to refine their personal leadership style, deepen their understanding of Geelong and expand their networks,” Michael said.

“We are sincerely grateful for our ongoing partnership with Bisinella, and we look forward to continuing our mutually beneficial relationship.”

Bisinella Developments’ dedication to this vitally important program reflects its genuine commitment to the growth and prosperity of Geelong and its residents.

Bisinella Developments Director Richard Bisinella praises Activate as an exceptional program that uplifts Geelong’s future leaders.

“We are confident the skills they learn will be of great benefit to them on their individual journeys, as well as the broader communities they live, work and invest in.”

To find out more about the Activate Leadership Program, visit the website:

For anyone interested in participating next year, to please express your interest to Community Leadership Manager Karen MacAdie