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On-site modifications to Corio facility, a major win for RPC Technologies

Published: 12/09/2022

Bisinella’s modifications to RPC Technologies’ purpose-built Corio facility is enabling the company to produce large scale fibre glass pipes for New Zealand’s Central Interceptor project.

RPC’s flagship, state-of-the-art facility in Heales Rd, Corio was constructed by Bisinella in 2010 to cater for the composites manufacturer’s clients in the infrastructure, transport and defence industries.

The Central Interceptor is New Zealand’s largest ever wastewater project, designed to make Auckland’s waterways cleaner. The project is delivering almost 20km of tunnels, more than 17 shafts, a major pump station and substantial wastewater management and network infrastructure works.

Bisinella has supported RPC with substantial concrete and foundation works so the company can build fibre glass pipes, 7.5m in diameter and 3.5m high, which are being exported to New Zealand.

The local company is a leader in the design, engineering and manufacturing of fibre reinforced composite (FRP) solution.

RPC, which has 400 employees around the world, with 29 based in Corio, will be working on the Central Interceptor project for another two years.

Darren Bishop, RPC’s Senior Manager of Operations in Victoria, said this was the Corio site’s first export project and it couldn’t have been achieved without Bisinella’s support.

“Having a purpose-built facility and the opportunity to make these modifications is very important so that we are able to take on major projects like the Central Interceptor work. We couldn’t do this without Bisinella’s support.”

RPC is also a trusted partner to the rail sector and has been manufacturing components for Victorian train and tram sets for the past 12 years.

RPC Technologies remained open for business throughout the COVID pandemic, retaining all staff.

Other recent modifications to the Corio facility have included the installation of solar panels, while Bisinella converted the facility’s lights to LED.

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