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Save our Decorative Streetlights!

Published: 16/07/2021

Bisinella works closely with the City of Greater Geelong on all aspects of planning and construction. The company was pleased to recently provide feedback on Council’s Public

Street Lighting Policy, which is currently being reviewed.

Street lighting is a shared responsibility between Council and Powercor. Developers such as Bisinella currently pay a 20% levy towards the maintenance of decorative street lighting.

Bisinella often receives feedback from residents about how decorative streetlighting increases their sense of place, community and identity. Based on this, Bisinella’s feedback to Council includes:

• Increasing the maintenance levy paid by developers from 20% to 100%. This would mean that decorative lighting will continue to be available to residents and Council’s maintenance costs will be further subsidised.

• To include at least one decorative lighting option (such as the Lincoln light) in the policy, which as presented the policy does not allow any decorative lighting options

As Richard Bisinella, Director Bisinella, says, “We fully support Council’s work in this area. What we also know is that public decorative streetlighting is especially important to our residents. It improves the overall streetscape and gives residents a sense of pride in their environment. “

“We understand that one of Council’s concerns is affordability. Bisinella are happy to pay the increased maintenance levy. We don’t want our communities to miss out on the chance of decorative streetlighting. By taking on our recommendations, Council will be able to continue to enhance streetscapes and promote the liveability of our region.”

Bisinella encourages current and future residents to voice their concerns and support the continued use of decorative streetlighting in our region.

Please visit before 22 July 2021.