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Seaside Estate, St. Leonards


Features of Seaside Estate

features of seaside estate

Open space

Two hectares of reserve and open space, combined with a constructed wetland on your entrance to the estate.

Fully serviced lots

All services such as sewer, water, power, natural gas and telecommunications 

High Speed Broadband

Optic fibre telecommunications provided by Opticomm.


Pre-coated steel fencing with grey sheeting and posts with an estimated value of $4,500. Fencing includes all side and rear boundary fences, except where the garage is on the boundary.

Developer Solar Panel Rebate

$1,000 Solar Panel Rebate for buyers that install solar panels within 3 months of construction completion.

Laybacks and crossovers

The layback and crossovers are provided as part of the development. If you require your layback and crossover in a different location, please contact us to discuss if a change is possible.

Protective Covenants

Seaside Estate has building guidelines to ensure that quality homes and landscaping are implemented, creating a quality estate for the benefit of its future residents.

Please see below link to Seaside building guidelines.

Seaside building guidelines